That Thing That Happens in the Lab When You Mix The Wrong Elements Together and People are Watching

If you cannot tell, this is a long, long, titled post. Reading the title alone may b a bit like listening to the Chicken, Chicken, Chicken talk.

If I were to use the WordPress Permalink settings for day and name:


the URL for this post would be:

Wow, that is long.

Even if I went shorter for the Post name format


my url would be:

which is ginormous.

But below the title, I can actually edit the permalink so it is shorter:


That’s fine if we remember to edit the permalink. But if I really do not care if any words in my title are part of the permalink, I could use the Numeric format:


but we are timely around here. We like the idea of the URL showing the year a post was written, but want short links, so we could use


which makes the URL include the year it was published and a reference that this was idea number 84 (the number is the database ID for the post)

The link now is in the world as:

We like that idea.

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